Shana Tova from Berlin – Sept 2012

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From: RA Wolfgang P. Schulz
Sent: September-18-12 6:21 PM
To:; Richard Steyn
Subject: Shana tovah 5773

Leshana tova tikatevu! Shanah tovah umetukah! – -עיירה יהודית לתפארת -

-עיירה יהודית לתפארת  Shana tova v gmar chatima tova!

Dear members of the famous Toronto Jewish Male Choir,

dear friends,

We wish you a very good Year 5773, a year of good health, also of joy and satisfaction and may it be a year of peace to you, to all of your families as well as to all people around the world.

May you know only good things throughout the year.

With festive blessings and best wishes for all the Chagim,

Wolfgang P. Schulz (also on behalf of my wife)

PS: We enjoyed very much your Berlin performance in the Centrum Judaicum and during the closing performance in the Synagogue Rykestraße. I listen often your CD to get in the right mood and now also the CD from the closing performance of the Louis Lewandowski Festival 2011 and think back to this tremendous experience. I am your fan in wheelchair. Maybe you remember. I found only today your email address in Doing Jewish in Toronto.