I posed the question on one of the pictures – “What is Jewish Music” – see the response we received

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This response from our friend Wolfgang Shulz in Berlin – thank you Wolfgang, your insight is appreciated!

I will try to answer your question. That is not so easy because of the matter and on top of it in a foreign languague.
I love music. Music is an elixir of live. I love also classical of course.
 Jewish music is something special, no matter whether these are tradional klezmer originate in Eastern European shtetls or songs in Ladino or Jewish songs from Arabian countries.
But, besides, the synagogue music is something more special with all due ceremony. It spread out to the coummunity. I can’t imagine Shabbat or holiday without singing. In the synagogue service is singing of the Chazzan and/or choir (or community) more important then sermon. Music, particularly vocal brings the community together.
In my opinion is the vocal music of a male choir the highest and most impressive music. What is so special about it is? It moves body and mind, strokes the soul. Nobody can avoid its effect, its influence. I like absolutely instrumental music too but the voices are the best instruments; they come as a direct gift from G’d and must be formed.
 I am writing that while am enjoying your CD again. Your fantastic CD confirms my point of view. Listening your CD time and again put me into a thrill of joy over and over again. By the way: Your Hebrew/Zulu version of Shoshaloza made quite a deep impression on the reporter of RBB Kulturradio too.